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1-800-LAWYERS Firms of Excellence are proud to welcome you to The Ultimate Personal Injury website. Over 25 years ago, Bruce Davis, Esq., created 1-800-LAWYERS as a means for injury victims to get FREE advice and answers to their legal questions.

The site was created to further assist victims and their families to appreciate and understand the legal complexities and issues relating to Injury cases. On this site, injury victims and their families will be able to conduct research and learn more about the proverbial “Road ahead.” Additionally, it is a convenient and critical means to learn more about each of the local 1-800-Lawyers Firms of Excellence and what they each have to offer you as you strive to rebuild your lives.

Each Firm of Excellence is independently owned and operated by experienced and caring legal professionals who are specialists in representing victims of accidents and litigating INJURY cases.

What to do… What to consider…
When an Accident strikes.

The first and most obvious action you should take when involved in an accident is to seek medical attention from a qualified doctor. Once you’ve sought medical help, then you can consider whether you are entitled to pursue a legal claim for monetary damages based on the nature of the accident, i.e. ARE YOU ENTITLED TO MONETARY DAMAGES due to another party’s negligence.

Why hire an attorney…

It should come as no surprise that we exist in a time where many people and companies are not at all willing to assume responsibilities for their actions even when it is grossly evident they were at fault in harming another.  Insurance companies, especially, depend on their own attorneys to actually UNDER-compensate victims to maintain the profitability of the carrier.  An experienced, skilled and caring INJURY attorney knows how to build your case and negotiate an award on your behalf.

Age of Specialists…

Just as when you engage a doctor to correct a medical condition, you would never hire an orthopedist to treat a heart ailment, so it is when hiring an attorney.  Just because your neighbor’s brother is an attorney does not mean they are qualified to represent you in a personal injury case.  All 1-800-Lawyers Firms of Excellence are experienced INJURY attorneys whose practices are built around INJURY law.  It’s what they do… It’s what they are VERY GOOD at.

Costs Relating to hiring an Injury Attorney…

1-800-lawyers Firms of Excellence all adhere to THE NO FEE Promise.  When you hire a 1-800-Lawyers Firm of Excellence they almost always accept cases on a contingency basis.  That is… you never pay a penny unless they win your case.

All consultations and meetings are at No cost to you or your family from your first contact until your case is decided.

Beware of Referral firms…

In today’s hyper-competitive, over-marketed world in which we live, many ads you’ll be inundated with are from lead generation companies or other law firms who do nothing but engage you for the specific purpose of referring you and your case to another law firm for a fee.  1-800-Lawyers represent you from start to finish… period.

Who’s at fault in an accident and the effect on your ability to pursue monetary damages…

 Just because you may not be 100% a victim in an accident does not mean you may still not be entitled to recover monetary damages.  If you are injured and are responsible to some degree, the uninjured party is still responsible for their percentage of negligence relating to your injury.

About 1-800-LAWYERS

No Fault/Case Filing Deadlines

While many states and locales have different rules and statutes relating to filing time frames, it is imperative that a victim promptly files their claim as there are deadlines which need to be complied with.

For example in certain states, a no-fault carrier must be placed on written notice within 30 days of an accident. In most cases, there are no exceptions. This means that you must submit an application for No-Fault benefits within 30 days of an accident, in order to be able to make a claim for past and future lost wages, medical bills and other expenses. In limited instances,this time frame may be extended.


Each Firm of Excellence is independently owned and operated and 1-800-Lawyers makes NO representations regarding same.

As each state and certain locales have different legal guidelines, requirements, and statutes, please contact your local Firm of Excellence for accurate information relating to your specific case and area of filing for applicable information. Each Firm of Excellence is independently owned and operated and 1-800-Lawyers make no representations regarding same.